When you are browsing this homepage, I consider you already 'print out' and store my intellectuals in your electronic devices. You are permitted to visualize or memorize them; but you are aware of the limitations of your rights to use my intellectuals in your works. In order to legalize your behaviour, you must agree to the following terms and conditions in the 'Fair Use Policy'.
Fair Use Policy
You can use all of the written intellectuals in my homepage. Including:-
1. Original text or illustrations.
2. List of websites compiled by me. 
3. And all other unique components that make-up the original nature of the materials. 
And also you agree to use:- 
1. Not more than THREE times, you can cite or express in any form, my intellectuals in this homepage. 
2. When you had exceeded the limits to use my intellectuals, you should contact me immediately to apply an 'Express License'. 
3. Any changes of terms and conditions will be made without prior notice to you. 
Express Licenses
1. For a reasonable use of my intellectuals, you should cite my website as a source of proof in all of your works or creations. 
2. However, if you must use my intellectuals in any large scale production, you must contact me to apply for a 'non-exclusive license' and pay a nominal fee to use all of my intellectuals in this homepage. 
A nominal fee of ONE US dollar only will be levied to any successful 'non-exclusive license' applicant to use my intellectuals for a period of one year. The license is not transferable.     
Options on Immunity
Suppose (that) you think you cannot or do not wish to, or not having intent to pay the 'Express License' fee, you can choose to remain silence. Therefore, the generic term is implying on your options. Silence is defined as if you choose to leave this homepage immediately, and stop visiting this homepage again in future. Otherwise, you shall stop disseminate information which is expressed in this homepage, or involve in any promotional behaviors against the intellectuals in this homepage. 
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