General Information
People only like to hear success stories and stay closer with successful personality. 
At the beginning of my humble business journey in 2005, the first business name was known as 'Julian Consulting', and then I got the name changed to "GoH Business Practitioners" in 2012. 
GoH Business Practitioners was registered in complying with the rules and regulations of the Registrar of Business Act 1956 (Malaysia). 
The nature of the business is to provide knowledge infrastructures for global partners to penetrate Asian markets. 
The business license 002118994-D will be expired by 2018. 
The main roles of GoH Business Practitioners is the managing partner with selected global consultants, from all range of expertise in trainings, educations, consultancies and investments. 
Every day, I insist to use 15 minutes for each events like reading, writing, sporting and thinking. Sometimes, I am playing the Chinese chess with myself alone. Travelling help me to explore new experience, it is fun but costly. Chinese martial arts is a necessary morning exercise for me, a small walks with a pet will keep me happy for a whole day 
When you are searching for a specific expertise to fit into your big picture, I can offer you four types of different roles depending on your needs to hire me:- 
1. As a business writer/tutor. I write for fun for the sake of knowledge to share my views on magazines/newsletters/newspapers. 
2. As a managing partner. I always look for something to fill up my time for leisure. When you need someone with trustworthiness to help you to manage your business in Asia, you can think about me, and I will write you a business proposal.   
1. Innovation values creation and extraction  
2. Intangibles valuation and operations  
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